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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DeWitt Clinton’s Remarkable Alumni

A brief moment to be proud of my high school, class of '72. Read the article, the book referenced was co-authored by one of my history teachers. A quote in the article struck me as a refreshing reminder of when public education was a priority of society to be fulfilled by local government --

More than 2,000 people crowded through the marbled halls to the auditorium of DeWitt Clinton High School on Mosholu Parkway to hear Mayor James J. Walker inaugurate the ambitious all-boys institution, which cost the city $3.5 million. Mayor Walker remarked, “This temple of education will well repay us even after we are gone, by training future generations to be good citizens.” Indeed, Clinton’s impact would not only give back to New York, but repay American society in significant ways.

Let economists of the Chicago school argue vouchers all day long -- like they argued markets are efficient and sent government policy off a cliff -- and let any of them show me a private high school with as vast a list of alumni who added to American society in so many different walks of life.

As fellow alum Stan Lee always wrote --

'nuff said.

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